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Do Crocs Run Big or Small?

I love my Crocs. Comfortable shoes like Crocs are an excellent selection for anyone who desires extremely casual shoes for all occasions. But, if you are considering buying a pair of Crocs for yourself or a loved one, you probably don’t want to have them delivered and then have to return them because they do not fit well.

So you may want to know, “Do Crocs run big or small?” Well, I’m here to answer that question and all your Crocs fitting-related questions.

There are a few special sizing tips you really need to know when ordering Crocs. We’ll cover that below, but first, let’s answer if Crocs run true to size:

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Do Crocs Run Big or Small?

Most Crocs models run true to size, and do not run either big or small. Crocs offers a wide lineup of models, and some do have sizing peculiarities we will cover below, but generally most customers find that it is best to order Crocs true-to-size.

Different models will vary when it comes to figuring out if Crocs run small or big. That said, for the most part, Crocs run true to size. I reviewed many customer reviews on Amazon, and generally speaking, most users report that Crocs reliably run true to size. 

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Wearers of Crocs tend to point out a helpful piece of advice, however. When deciding whether or not to buy Crocs, you should consider what you will be using them for. If you plan to purchase work Crocs, you’ll want a croc that fits snuggly so that your foot isn’t migrating around the shoe while at work. This being the case, you should get a pair of Crocs that is true to your foot size.

If, however, you’re planning on getting fuzzy-lined Crocs as slippers, you might want to size up on Crocs so that you can have a little more breathing room when moving about your dwelling.

Do Crocs Run True To Size?

According to Zappos reviews, 74 percent of users claimed their Crocs felt true to size, and 84 percent claimed they felt true to width. So, do Crocs run true to size? Generally, the answer is yes.  Overwhelmingly 83 percent of users additionally gave these shoes five stars out of five.

Crocs Does Not Sell Half Sizes

Crocs sells shoes in United States sizes the world over. If you aren’t used to US measurements, you can check out what your shoe size is here. Remember that Crocs run true to size, meaning that you should get a size that is as close as possible to your actual foot size for most uses.

Similar to Doc Martens, Crocs does not sell shoes by the half-size. This does mean there are some people whose feet fall awkwardly between, say, a 9 and a 10. If you’re unsure whether or not this is your situation, I recommend buying a pair of Crocs that are one-half-size larger than what you believe is your true foot size. 

Thankfully, at least you can generally expect Crocs to come true to size. Users on Zappos and Amazon claim that Crocs are true to size, and I can also personally report that my own Crocs feel true to size.

If you get your Crocs and they’re slightly too large, you can put them in the dryer for a few minutes, allowing the rubber to contract somewhat in the heat.

Crocs Sizing Tips

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If you’re thinking about Crocs sizing, here are our top tips.

Crocs run true to size – It’s important to remember that the best-fitting croc will be closest to your true foot size.

Crocs only run in full sizes – If you fall between sizes, I recommend sizing up. If the Crocs are too big at that point, you can always shrink them. 

Think about what you’ll use the Crocs for – If you’re going to use your Crocs for mulling around the house, you might prefer a loose fit. In this case, you should size up. You might, however, prefer to have a tighter fitting pair of Crocs (like, for example, at work). In this case, you should get a Crocs size as close as possible to your actual feet.

Consult a sizing chart – At the end of the day, Crocs generally run true to size. Measure your foot and consult a sizing chart to get the perfect fitting shoe.


Below, find all the answers to the internet’s most popular Crocs sizing questions.

Are Crocs Comfortable?

Users overwhelmingly report that Crocs are comfortable shoes, and indeed comfort is one of the main selling points for Crocs. While owners of Crocs sometimes complain about whether or not Crocs are aesthetic, all Croc-wearers generally agree that Crocs are comfortable. 

Should You Size Up Or Down In Crocs?

Generally, you should not size up or down in Crocs, but should order your normal size. Crocs run true to size. Therefore, you should buy a pair of Crocs that matches your usual size. The one exception is if your foot falls in between sizes, in which case you should size up in Crocs.

How Do You Know What Size Crocs To Get?

To know what size Crocs to get, you need to know your true foot size. Once you know your true foot size, you should buy Crocs in this size. This is because Crocs run true to size.

How Do I Measure My True Foot Size to Buy Crocs?

If you want to measure your true foot size, you can easily do so at home. To measure your true foot size, you can trace your foot on a piece of paper then measure the dimensions of the drawing you’ve created. Use a sizing chart to bring the measurements of your foot per its proper size.

Is it Possible to Shrink Crocs?

If your Crocs are slightly too big, you can always use the drying machine trick to shrink them. This involves putting your Cocs in the dryer for a few minutes to make the rubber contract. If you have gone too far, you can always unshrink them.

What Do I Do If My Crocs Are Too Big?

According to the Crocs return policy, only unworn and unwashed items can be returned. If you need to return your Crocs because they are only slightly too large, one option is to shrink them in a dryer.

How We Did Our Sizing Research

In my research, I was asking, “do Crocs run big?” I have found that, in fact, Crocs run true to size – similar to Nike, Brooks, and other brands that run true to size.

This is based on research from Zappos, Amazon, and my own personal owning of Crocs.

If you’re in for an extremely comfortable shoe, I would highly recommend Crocs. I hope this article helped you learn what size to get for your unique foot. Thanks for reading!

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