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Do Yeezy Shoes Run Small?

Yeezys are one of the most sought-after shoes on the market, and that popularity comes with a big price tag. Before you spend the money on your Yeezys, you definitely want to be sure that they’ll actually fit when you get them.

The trouble with ordering shoes online is that you can’t try them on first, so it’s good to know if they fit true to size or not.

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Do Yeezys Run Big or Small, or Do They Fit True to Size?

Yeezy shoes fit true to size for most people. It varies a bit depending on which Yeezy you’re buying, with some being more likely to run big or small than others, but for the most part you can order them in your size.

Since Adidas is the manufacturer, this size chart from their website should give you an idea of the fit. Adidas shoes run true to size generally, so it’s not surprising that Yeezy shoes typically fit properly as well.

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 fit true to size for 71 % of customers, while the original Yeezy Boost 350 only fit true to size 66% of the time, which suggests that they’ve made some improvements in the sizing and design of their shoes. That’s not bad, but it does suggest that there’s a decent chance of your shoes being to big or too small when you get them.

In fact, Yeezy has developed a reputation for running small, which suggests that the Amazon reviews listing it as true to size may not be representative of most Yeezy customers. A quick google search shows that snug fits and running small are very common comments from Yeezy owners.

Yeezy shoes run small when they don’t fit, with most of the complaints on the V2 being that it’s too small. Most of the complaints with the original 350 boost were that it was too large, so it might be that Adidas is still perfecting the fit on this one. Still, for most customers, it does fit true to size. Your best bet is to order it from Amazon half a size up from what you normally wear. Most people seem to find that’s the sweet spot with Yeezys, and if it’s too big Amazon’s exchange process is a breeze.

We’ll note here that most of the people who mentioned it running small still loved the shoes once they exchanged it for the proper size. They also mention that, while the shoes fit tight at first, they break in very quickly and the fit becomes more comfortable.

Do Yeezys Stretch Out?

Yeezys do tend to stretch a bit at first as you break them in, so if you try on your new pair and they feel a bit snug, don’t worry. After a few wears they should fit better. Most users who’ve been asked about this say that the shoes are a bit snug at first, and after a couple of wears they fit like a glove.

Do Yeezys Come in Wide Fit?

Yeezys do not come in wide fit. If you have wide feet, the most common advice from Yeezy owners is to order a full size up from what you would normally wear. The larger size should fit you well.

Do Yeezys Run Narrow?

None of the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere mention Yeezys running narrow specifically. Lots of people report that they fit very tight, but this could mean narrow or just small overall. If you’re worried about a narrow fit, our suggestion is to buy a half size or even full size up from what you normally wear.

Do Yeezys Have a Warranty?

There’s a 12-month warranty on Adidas footwear (they manufacturer Yeezy shoes). Unfortunately, if your shoes are damaged after that twelve month period, they are not covered under warranty. Customers who’ve had to file warranty claims with Adidas have been generally pleased with the results. If they can’t replace your shoes with the exact model, they’ll offer you another model of equal value, and they appear to work very quickly on these claims so you don’t have to wait too long for your new shoes.


A slight majority of people find that their Yeezys fit true to size, but there are lots of customers who found them a bit on the small side, and they’ve developed a reputation for running small. We recommend that you order a half size up to be on the safe side, and if you have wide feet you’ll want to order a full size up. If you find them too big at that point, Amazon’s exchange process is quick and painless.

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