Do Columbia Jackets Run Small?

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It’s no secret that Columbia jackets are hugely popular, and rightfully so. They make high quality coats and jackets that last for a long time, and that’s ultimately all we want right? Every Columbia jacket that I have owned or still own I’ve been very pleased with and that’s one reason I never hesitate to purchase a new one whether it’s for myself or as a gift. One pre-sale question I see asked a lot is “Do Columbia jackets run small?”.

I usually order coats and jackets a size up anyway because I like my outerwear to be a little big. Coats, jackets, hoodies, whatever… I like them to be a size bigger. My current Columbia coat that I’ve been wearing was no exception, I ordered it big because I like them that way. So I never have a problem in getting a jacket that’s too small unless someone else bought it for me too small. Here I’m going to look at whether or not Columbia jackets run a little on the small side or are actually true to size.

From the screenshots below you can see where I looked at two popular Columbia jackets on Amazon, one for men and one for women.

 On both Columbia jackets, more than 80% of reviewers said that their jackets fit as expected, or true to size.  Get the best deals on Columbia jackets here.

Of the reviewers that weren’t 100% satisfied with the fit of their Columbia jackets, for both men and women more said that their jackets were actually a little on the too big side.

81% of women said that Columbia jackets fit as expected


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79% of men said that Columbia jackets fit as expected

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Here are the official size guides for men and women from the Columbia website:


When it comes to buying a Columbia jacket, whether you are man or woman, you should be safe to buy your size. However if you are like me and like your outerwear a little on the big side, then go ahead and get the next size up. For the majority of people though, Columbia jackets fit true to size.

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