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Do Clarks Run Big Or Small?

When I think of Clarks shoes, 3 words come to mind: comfy, affordable, and fashionable.

We all hope to find stylish footwear yet budget-friendly footwear, but that’s easier said than done. Luckily, Clarks managed to strike the perfect balance between looks and price to suit all feet and all occasions.

They even topped it off with high-quality materials to give customers durable shoes that stay in great condition for a long time. Clarks are quite popular across the country, but if you’re planning to buy your first pair sometime soon, you’re probably wondering how their footwear fits.

This brings about an important question, “do Clarks run big or small?”. Today’s article is all about providing you with answers to help you find the perfect fit.


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Do Clarks Run Big or Small?

In most cases, Clarks do not run big or small. In the majority of cases, Clarks fit true to size, although some customers do report Clarks running half a size big.

Fortunately, this brand sells whole and half sizes, so you should have no issues finding Clarks shoes in the perfect size as long as you’re accurate when taking your feet’s measurements

I reviewed customer feedback on several popular Clarks footwear models purchased through Amazon and calculated that approximately 78% of users providing feedback report that Clarks shoes fit true to size.

This means you have a pretty huge chance of landing a proper fit from Clarks. But to stay on the safe side, you’re better off buying our Clarks from Amazon or another reliable online retailer that supports hassle-free returns.

Are Clarks Shoes True to Size?

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Clarks footwear usually fits true to size. However, when customers report having sizing problems with their shoes, the most mentioned reason is the shoes running a little too big.

Fitting isn’t a common issue since the company offers half sizes, yet there’s an occasional exception. I did some digging around and researched customer reports as to whether Clarks run big, small, or true to size.

More specifically, I applied some statistics on the 3,808 reviewers and the 3,082 reviewers on Amazon who reported a fit review of Clarks Women’s Ashland Bubble Loafer and Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe respectively as of the time of publication.

  • Out of 3,808 customers, the breakdown for the women’s model is:
Somewhat big/too bigTrue to sizeSomewhat small/too small
Number of customers6372,806365
Percentage of reporting16.7%73.6%9.6%

As you can tell, almost 3 out of every 4 Amazon reviewers report that Clarks fit true to size.

  • Out of 3,082 Clarks customers reporting sizing feedback on Amazon, the breakdown for the men’s model is:
Somewhat big/too bigTrue to sizeSomewhat small/too small
Number of customers3622,534231
Percentage of reporting11.7%82.2%7.5%

As you can tell, about 8 out of every 10 Amazon reviewers report that Clarks fit true to size.

The bottom line? If you’re concerned about fitting, you might want to consider ordering down a half size from your regular shoe size to play things safe since some customers also report that Clarks tend to stretch a bit.

However, as the company offers half sizes, you shouldn’t run into any trouble with sizing as long as you measure your feet accurately. So, if your normal shoe size is a size 7.5, chances are you’ll find a comfortable fit in the same size. If you don’t like it when shoes are somewhat big, then simply order a half size down, which is size 7 in this case.

How to Measure Your Clarks

To find out your correct size in Clarks shoes, closely follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you’re not wearing shoes or socks.
  2. Put your bare foot flat against a wall. Your heel should be touching the floor.
  3. Use a tape measure or ruler and place it to your foot’s side. Make sure the tool’s end is touching the floor as your heel.
  4. Measure the length of your foot by measuring the distance from the floor (heel) to the longest point of your foot, which isn’t necessarily the big toe.
  5. Repeat the steps to double-check your measurements.

Once you’ve figured out your foot length, refer to the following tables for sizing of women’s and men’s Clarks:

  • Women’s Clarks shoe sizes:
Foot length (cm)US sizeUK size
21.652 1/2
22.15 1/23
22.563 1/2
236 1/24
23.574 1/2
23.87 1/25
24.185 1/2
24.68 1/26
25.196 1/2
25.49 1/27
25.9107 1/2
26.210 1/28
27.6129 1/2
  • Men’s Clarks shoe sizes:
Foot length (cm)US sizeUK size
257 1/26 1/2
25.88 1/27 1/2
26.79 1/28 1/2
27.610 1/29 1/2
28.511 1/210 1/2

There’s also a size guide for kids’ Clarks shoe sizes that you can check out on their website. But to give you a general idea, they offer sizes for babies as young as 6 months to junior and senior kids.

Do Clarks Offer Different Widths?

View of a Clarks shoes being wear on a runway
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The folks at Clarks understand that width plays a critical role in shoe sizing, so the company offers an impressive range of width fittings for women, men, and kids. Here’s a simple breakdown: 

  • Women’s Clarks shoe width options:
    • C — Narrow Fit
    • D — Standard Fit
    • E — Wide Fit
    • EE — Extra Wide Fit
  • Men’s Clarks shoe width options:
    • F — Narrow Fit
    • G — Standard Fit
    • H — Wide Fit
  • Kids’ Clarks shoe width options:
    • E — Narrow Fit
    • F — Standard Fit
    • G — Wide Fit
    • H — Extra Wide Fit

Tip to Extend the Lifespan of Your Clarks Shoes

Wrap Up

So, do Clarks run big or small? The answer, generally, is neither. Clarks mostly fit true to size and offer half sizes to help you fine-tune your fit.

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