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Do Under Armour Shoes Run Big or Small?

Buying new Under Armour shoes, you’re probably looking for maximum comfort and durability. You might use them to go running, exercise, or simply go to work with them. 

Picking the right size can be difficult, especially if you’re shopping online. Lots of people have their sizing preferences. Some want a roomier fit, while others are keener on a snug fit. 

Since these shoes tend to run high in their prices, you wouldn’t want to be buying the wrong size. 

The big question is, do Under Armour shoes run big or small? Let’s break it down quickly:

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Do Under Armour Shoes Run Big or Small?

Under Armour shoes are true to size. Based on our review of customer feedback, most buyers of Under Armour shoes have commented on the shoes’ perfect fit.

Now, when it comes to width, Under Armour shoes are true to size. Although some of their shoes can run both wider and narrower if preferred.

A snugger fit is usually best if you’re engaging in exercising and running. Otherwise, they can become bothersome if you’re aiming for a larger fit. 

Are Under Armour Shoes True to Size?

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Under Armour shoes are true to size. According to a review breakdown on the Under Armour Women’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe, over 1,526 reviewers have voted that they fit true to size. 318 have said the shoes run small, while 63 thought they run big. 

As for the Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe, a whopping 5,610 buyers believe they are true to size. That being so, 715 have commented on the smaller fit, while 240 thought they run large. 

Digging deeper into the comments, some said that the shoes give blisters due to the poor small fit. Some have even commented on one not fitting like the other. Nevertheless, we can’t also ignore the overwhelmingly positive reviews with regards to the true fit size of the Under Armour shoe. 

If you’re looking for a more intense workout and browsing for shoes like the Under Armour Men’s Charged Commit Tr 3 Cross Trainer, you’ll be happy to find that the majority (over 113) of reviewers found the shoes true to size. 

Sizing Tips for Under Armour Shoes 

Finding the right size fit doesn’t need to be a hassle. Since most Under Armour shoes fit true to size, you might not have issues when buying them at all.

That being so, it’s always good to be cautious and follow some tips before completing your purchase, whether online or offline. Here are some sizing tips for Under Armour shoes below. 

Check Your Size Description

Your sizing guide and measurement tips should be your holy grail in this decision. You should run them precisely to get the best fit for your purchase. Remember that a half-inch can make a world of difference in your size. 

Following this tip will ensure you the greatest comfort. If you want a bigger fit, you can always add an extra half-inch to your size, and likewise, if you want a smaller fit. 

Sizes Can Change 

A lot of factors can affect your foot size. Whether you’ve gained or lost weight, you need to check your latest measurements to get the most accurate size fitting.

The best way is to always measure your feet before buying a new pair of shoes. But, if that sounds like too much hassle, you can always just compare your size in another shoe brand you already own that typically runs true to size. Rockports run true to size, for example, as do Adidas, Crocs shoes, and Doc Martens. If you own those shoes, just check the size and that’s probably what you should order for Under Armour shoes.

Just remember that some brands can run too small or too big (we’ve found that UGGs generally run big, for example), so be cautious with this method of picking the right shoe size.

Understand the Return Policy

Before buying your Under Armour shoes, you need to extensively familiarize yourself with the return, refund, and exchange policy. Some places may not allow a return under certain conditions. 

If you’re purchasing your shoes from the official site, then you have better benefits of return and exchange. They allow free returns within 60 days of purchase, provided you have proof of purchase.  Exchanges are also accepted. 

Too Big or Too Small?

If you already bought your shoes and they happen to fit big, you can always wear extra thick socks to compensate for the space. As for smaller sizes, we recommend you return them since you risk getting blisters and general foot pain, all of which we’re sure you’d want to avoid. 

Do Under Armour Shoes Stretch Out?

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Based on our review of online customer feedback, most commenters have stated that their Under Armour trainers have not stretched out.

However, feedback on some of their shoe models suggested they have stretched out with their respective buyers. 

How You Can Measure Your Foot Size in Under Armour Shoes

If you’re not sure how to go about finding your size, here’s what you can do. With regards to Under Armour shoes, you need to measure in inches from heel to toe. 

Get a piece of paper and trace your foot on it to get a better measurement. Make sure you have your entire weight over that foot measurement. Try to also take your size by the end of the day, since your foot would be more relaxed in your shoes. 

Can’t find your exact size? We recommend you find the next larger size. Luckily, Under Armour shoes offer half sizes to get a better fit. If you end up with a smaller fit, your shoes can get uncomfortable in the long run and end up in your donations pile. 

Although some may prefer to have a tight and wide fit, especially if they go on runs. 


After delving into several reviews, we can say that most Under Armour shoes are a true fit. You won’t need to struggle to find your exact size either, since they also offer half sizes (5 mm up and down). 

Before making your buy, we recommend getting your measurements as accurate as possible with the method mentioned above. Be sure to always understand the return policies as well. We hope you find your true, perfect Cinderella fit. 

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