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Do Nike Shoes Run Small?

Nike is one of the most popular and recognizable shoe brands in the world- everyone from pro athletes and Hollywood superstars to high school students wears them. If you’re ordering a new pair of Nike’s online, you might be worried about the fit.

There’s always an element of risk to ordering shoes online since you can’t try them on, and sometimes shoes just don’t fit true to size. We’ll take a look at Nike’s shoes and help you determine if they run true to size or not.

Do Nike Shoes Run Small, or Do They Fit True to Size?

Nike shoes run true to size. It’s very unusual for a customer to find that their Nikes run small, so you should feel confident in ordering your shoes in your size.

Here are the most popular Nike’s available right now:

Men’s Nike’s

Women’s Nike’s

85% of Amazon customers say that Nike shoes fit true to size. Most of those who found that they weren’t true to size said the shoes ran small- this was a small percentage of total customers, so it’s unlikely your shoes won’t fit.

Check out the Nike sizing chart on their website for exact measurements.

If you have any doubts about the fit of Nike shoes, the sizing chart (available on Nike’s website) gives the measurements, in inches or centimeters, that correspond with their shoe sizes so you can simply measure your feet and confirm if the shoe will fit.

The vast majority (85%) of customers said that their Nike’s ran true to size. When we looked a specific shoe (the Revolution 5 running shoe) and dug into the reviews, we found about four that specifically mentioned the shoes running true to size, and only two saying the shoes ran small. Bear in mind that most customers, if the shoe fits, don’t actually mention that in the review and focus on comfort, build quality, style, etc. So, it seems like it’s pretty unusual for Nike shoes to run small.

You’ll always get a segment of customer reviews saying they either returned their shoes for a pair that were a half a size larger or smaller and then they fit. The vast majority of Nike shoe reviewers are satisfied with the fit of their shoes though, so just be sure and know what your ideal shoe size is. You’d be surprised how many people think they know their size but really don’t.

There’s always a risk of buying shoes or clothing online and it not fitting just right. Some shoes notorious for running big, like UGGs.

However, I think with Nike’s it’s a pretty safe purchase. The odds that your Nike shoes will run small are low, and if you buy through Amazon the return process is quick and easy. It’s also free, since they provide the shipping label, and they’ll ship the new pair immediately. Also, Kohl’s accepts Amazon returns in many places now so you may want to look into that if you don’t want to go through the trouble of mailing them back.

Do Nikes Stretch Out?

Nike shoes don’t stretch much, but if they feel just a bit tight that will usually change as you use them. Some customers have said that it takes a long time for Nikes to stretch, but most don’t seem to think their shoes need any stretching. Especially with their newer shoes Nike has been designing them with perfect fit in mind, hoping to avoid the need for stretching. So far it seems to be working pretty well.

Do Nike Shoes Come in Wide Fit?

Yes, but the wide fit shoes are usually sold under their own, separate listing. If you’re looking for wide fits under the regular listing, you typically won’t find them.

Do Nike Shoes Run Narrow?

Nike does have a reputation for running narrow, especially in the toe box. This something that a lot of longtime Nike fans seem to appreciate about their shoes, but if it’s a concern for you it’s a good idea to just order a wide size.

Do Nike Shoes Have a Warranty?

Here’s what Nike has to say about that.

So, essentially, Nike guarantees their products will hold up for two years. If you experience an issue with them during that time, you can return it to the retailer you purchased them from. Even if you buy through Amazon you’re covered.


From what we can see looking through customer reviews, Nikes fit true to size more often than not.

You’re more likely to find them too narrow than too small, but if you’ve bought Nikes in the past and found them comfortable, you’ll be fine ordering them in your size. If you buy through Amazon is super easy to exchange them for a different size if they don’t fit, so go ahead and order the shoes you want!

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