Do Dr Martens Run Big or Small?

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Buying Dr Martens, sometimes called Doc Martens, can be a big deal since they aren’t exactly cheap. They’re actually rather pricey, but their quality makes them worth it. This is the type of purchase where you might be doing a little research before you buy, like you might be right now. You might even be Googling something similar to “Do Dr Martens run big or small?” and it brought you here.

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What I’ve done in this article is gather customer feedback from Amazon and maybe a few other places regarding whether or not Dr Martens fit true to size. The following screenshot shows what Amazon reviewers are saying about the Dr. Martens Women’s Jadon Boot.


Dr Martens fit true to size for most, but may run about a half size big for some. So you should be safe ordering your normal size. Get the best deals on Dr. Martens here.

According to Amazon reviewers, 68% said that Dr. Marten boots fit true to size

and this screenshot is the official Dr Martens size guide from

Are Dr Martens true to size?

Now according to the screenshot above that shows how Jadon boots fit 68% of the women reviewers as expected, or true to size. After doing some digging through the Amazon reviews I found the ratio to be a little different, it was however from a smaller sample size. I opened up the Dr Martens Jadon Boots on Amazon and scrolled down to the “Have a question?” search box near the reviews and Q&A’s and searched “true to size”. Out of the first 20 results, 9 people complained of the boots running a half size to a size too big. So from what I can gather and out of those 20 reviewers, it was closer to 50/50 whether or not you should order a size down or order your size. Several of the women reviewers said the women’s boots basically came in men’s sizes.

They’re definitely great boots from a established and trusted brand but it seems like there’s a more than fair chance that they run a bit big. Most of the reviews saying to buy a size smaller were 5 star reviewers who loved their Dr Martens, they just wanted you to know to order down a size because these boots run big. The reviewers telling you to buy your size because Dr Martens run true to size were doing the same thing, trying to help. If you are worried about sizing, you might want to order  a half size down from your normal size to err on the side of caution, if your normal size is a half-size since Dr. Martens don’t have half sizes. A quote from a forum post I came across from a woman who owns many pairs of Dr Martens: “I’m a 6.5 and I always get 6 and it never fails.”.

For instance, if your normal size is a size 6.5, then a size 6 should be a good fit with Dr. Martens. If your normal size is a size 6, then just order a size 6 and it may be a little big. A comfy pair of socks will help make up for the extra wiggle room if the shoes run a little bit big for you. 

Do Dr Martens stretch out?

Like any other boots, Dr Martens will stretch out some and stretch to the shape of your foot some. Just make sure that you aren’t mistaking new and a little uncomfortable for doesn’t fit. Keep in mind though, Dr Martens may take a little while to break in compared to other boots. Here is an article about stretching out your new Dr Martens if you want to know more.

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Are Doc Martens comfortable?

Assuming you got a good fitting pair of Dr Martens, and you have allowed a little bit of time for them to be broken in, they are very comfortable boots. After doing a search in Amazon for comfortable in the questions box I found that almost everyone out of the sample of reviews I looked at said they were very comfortable boots. To quote on Amazon reviewer, “They’re heavy boots but the MOST comfortable boots I’ve had EVER!!”. Not all were quite as enthusiastic as this reviewer, but the consensus is Dr Martens are comfortable boots.


Based on my findings, when it comes to Dr Martens, they run true to size for most people. You might be fine ordering your size, many people are. However, even though according to the screenshot above that says 68% of reviewers said the boots fit true to size my findings were a bit different. My advice is to use your best judgment and if you still aren’t quite sure after reading this article, dig through some Amazon reviews fro yourself. Good luck!