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Do UGGs Run Big or Small?

Every year, the beginning of the fall season marks the return of the evergreen fashion of the UGG boots. 

This brand has taken the world by storm when it was first launched back in 1978 by Australian surfers Brian Smith and Doug Jenson. In fact, due to its vast popularity, a lot of knock-off UGG boots have been on the market. 

However, when you’re buying authentic UGG boots, you might wonder “do UGGs run big or small?”.

In today’s article, you’ll find a brief guide that will answer all the questions related to UGGs sizing. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Do UGGs Run Big or Small?

UGG boots often run big, although the majority of users report they run true to size. The discrepancy is because UGGs are made from sheepskin and shearlings that will stretch partially with time. For this reason, you should order a UGG pair that is a half or whole size smaller than your normal size, depending on the width of your feet.

For instance, if your feet are medium width and your shoe size is usually 9, you’ll need to buy UGGs that are anywhere from 8 to 8 1/2 in order to give you a snug fit. 

Keep in mind that the narrower your feet are, the smaller you need to go while buying UGG boots. 

However, if your feet are noticeably wide, you may not need to consider getting your original size.

Are UGG Boots True to Size?

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UGG boots do feel big, but they can be true to size for the most part. Although the design of the UGGs can have an impact, the width of your feet remains the most significant factor when it comes to whether UGGs are true to your size or not.

To find out whether UGGs are true to size, I’ve checked multiple UGG boots on Amazon, such as the UGG Women’s Classic Short II Boot, which is one of the most popular models out there.

According to the users, out of 4,009 buyers, 3,482 users found that the boots are true to size, with a satisfaction percentage of about 86.5%.

Will UGGs Stretch with Time?

A lot of people consider buying shoes and boots that are a bit roomy to begin with, especially at the toes. 

This is because our weights as well as mechanical stress while walking around usually exert a lot of pressure over the fabrics of the shoe, causing them to stretch.

In addition to running slightly big, another reason you should buy UGG boots that are up to one size smaller is that they usually stretch with time. The main reason behind that is that original UGGs are made from sheepskin and shearlings, which are known to stretch with excessive pressure, which can be done by wearing the boots for a long time.

In fact, according to many users’ experiences, an authentic UGG boot should stretch up to half a size up with time, which is why those with wider feet should get a whole size smaller.

Do Real UGGs come in Half Sizes?

According to the official sizing instructions on the UGGs website, the real boots do come in half size options. 

This can be extremely convenient for a lot of people because, as previously mentioned, all real UGGs will stretch and increase in size up to half a size with time. 

For that reason, if your go-to shoe size is 8, you can conveniently go for the 7 1/2 size. Despite that, the half size option is quite rare on the market, so you need to keep that in mind.

Are UGG Boots Comfortable?

A red UGG boots and a scarf for women

One of the things that make the UGG boots stand out is the level of comfort they provide. The classic boots are typically made from the highest quality twin-face sheepskin. 

The lining of the boot is made of wool that is woven in a way to provide it with a significantly fluffy interior. This makes the boots super cozy and comfortable compared to a more traditional boot like a Doc Martens or a Timberland boot.

The insole of the UGG boot is made with extra padding with a high-traction outsole to protect you from slipping when it’s raining.

How to Find the Right Shoe Size for UGG Boots

Most brands include a chart that allows you to find the right size for your feet. To avoid any problem while buying a specific brand, you should measure your footwear size and compare it to the manufacturer’s chart.

If you’re not sure about the suitable shoe size for your UGG boots, here’s a quick method to help you measure the size of UGGs you need:

  1. Start by marking a vertical straight line on a sheet of paper. Make sure that the line is clear and longer than each of your feet individually.
  2. Place the paper on the floor and step over the straight line with your feet so that it is centered. Make sure that you’re spreading the paper on a flat surface to avoid any miscalculations.
  3. Using a marker, pen, or pencil, mark a horizontal line at the longest toe and again at the bottom of the heel. You can also repeat the same steps with your other feet for consistency.
  4. Using a ruler or any measuring tool, measure the distance between the top and the bottom marks for both feet.
  5. Use the conversion chart provided on UGGs official website to find the right size for you. Make sure to compare the charts to the larger feet for maximum comfort.

There you have it! A complete guide that walks you through everything you need to know about the sizing of an UGG Boot. So, do UGGs run big or small? 

As you can see, UGGs are typically true to size but you should still consider buying them half or a whole size smaller because some they may run a bit big for those with narrow feet.

Additionally, UGGs are made of sheepskin and woven wool, which tend to stretch up to half a size up.

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